Manchester Stock image library

The manpic Manchester stock image library is aimed primarily at the marketing and publishing trade with professional quality photography suitable for brochures, books, magazines, television,calendars, post cards, newspapers, packaging etc.

We have a very extensive stock photo library with thousands of photos of Manchester, from both the ground and the air ( we have aerial imagery of almost everything within the inner ring road) .

Our stock photographs are available as High Resolution digital files either of CD or over the internet.

The images cost 180.00* each for a high resolution digital file(approx 300PPI at A4 ) with a non transferable royalty free licence to reproduce the images. This licence requires a credit to next to the image wherever it is used.

Alternatively for  360.00* we will waive our right to be credited as author.

There are no restrictions on quantity or print size. For x2 on the price, we will waive our rights to be credited as author.

All ground images are taken with an 8MP canon 20D professional digital SLR. Aerial images are taken with a variety of cameras including  digital, 6X7 negative and 645 negative. Most of the aerial images are taken with a Pentax 645 professional medium format camera.

High quality laboratory prints are available of all images.

Images taken specially to order, ground or aerial photographs. NB we only do exterior architectural photography- no people, products or interiors. Please email with proposed shoot details including most important of all the location (Post code if you have it ) for a price quote. As we only do outdoor photography you may have to wait a while for the weather, particularly for aerial photography where exceptional weather is needed in the middle of the day. It is sensible to allow 2 to 4 weeks for aerial photographs and 1 to 2 weeks for ground photographs, although you might be lucky.


Copyright notice. All images are copyright of manpic. All rights reserved, all moral rights asserted.


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